Freshconnect is our fresh new take on how we believe collaboration should happen - with context.

We believe that communication and collaboration are two different ball games. And while there exists a list of tools in the market that are great at solving for team communication, when it comes to nailing collaboration, we haven’t been able to find a tool that does it well. So we decided to build one instead!

Collaboration happens best when it is accompanied by  context - when all the stakeholders are on the same page, understand the urgency of the task, share a sense of purpose and see results – whether it is for resolving a customer issue, writing a blog post, building a feature, or closing a deal.

With this idea of making collaboration more productive and more effective, we built Freshconnect - a collaboration tool built with context at the heart of it. By bringing in information from all the other tools directly into the conversation, Freshconnect  provides full context to all the stakeholders.