Team Huddle helped agents collaborate on tickets but that was that. Agents couldn’t invite teammates from outside the help-desk or third-party partners.  Freshconnect takes everything that made Team Huddle awesome and kicks it up a few notches!

Moving from Team Huddle to Freshconnect will enable you to :-

  1. Collaborate with anyone - Freshconnect allows agents to collaborate with teammates, colleagues or even partners outside your organisation. Say, if you are an e-commerce vendor, you can invite somebody from your logistics partner firm directly to the ticket to figure out why a package wasn’t delivered.

  1. Bring teams together across products- Freshconnect is also integrated with Freshsales. Your support agents can now easily communicate with the concerned sales representative regarding a customer’s order without having to forward emails or tickets.

  1. Collaborate with context  - All conversations are associated with their respective tickets in Freshdesk and deals in Freshsales, so any new person joining the conversation will still have access to the history so far and the context behind the ticket/deal.