Freshconnect is automatically enabled for all Freshdesk users who have signed up after August 27th, 2018. To understand how to get started with using Freshconnect, check out the next section.

For all Freshdesk users who’ve been using the helpdesk before 27th August 2018, we will be rolling out the integration for you in phases. This will replace the Team Huddle (Discuss) feature in your account with Freshconnect. If you wish to get Freshconnect earlier, then please register for the waitlist here.

In order to be migrated to Freshconnect, support portals will have to fulfill two requirements:

  1. You must have FreshID enabled for your support portal

  2. You must be using the Freshdesk Mint version 

Does your support portal not meet either or both of these requirements? Please contact and we’ll try to work something out!