In Freshdesk context, an agent is basically someone from your customer support team. In Freshsales, an agent is a sales rep.

A collaborator is a teammate who’s not an agent in your help-desk or CRM. It could be a colleague from any other internal team, or someone from a third-party organisation.

The differences between agents and collaborators are listed below:-

Discussion Invites

Invitations work a bit differently for agents and collaborators:

  1. Click on the Discuss button at the top right of the ticket.

  2. In the discussion window, type @ followed by teammate’s name to invite them to the discussion.

  3. If the teammate is an agent, their contact details will automatically pop up as a suggestion. Click to select the particular agent, followed by your message.

  4. If the teammate is not an agent, you will see a prompt to invite them as a collaborator. You can do so by typing in their email id. Once the invite is sent, you can send messages to this teammate.

User-Access Level

  1. An agent in Freshdesk or Freshsales can view the discussion attached to any ticket or deal respectively. Collaborators can only view the discussions to which they have been invited.

  2. Collaborators have read-only access to the tickets on which they are collaborating.


  1. Agents get notifications in the notification centre, whereas collaborators receive email notifications.