Agents who are a part of a discussion receive notifications in the Freshconnect widget within Freshdesk, as well as email notifications. They can also turn on Desktop Notifications.

Freshconnect Widget Notifications

Hover over the Freshconnect widget icon at the bottom right corner of the ticket window, and it will expand into three options - 'Notifications', 'Discuss this ticket', and 'Team Messaging'. Click on 'Notifications'.

Email Notifications

Only agents who are a part of a discussion will receive email notifications. An agent receives instant email notifications when:

  • Someone replies to his or her message directly

  • Someone @mentions him or her in the discussion

  • Someone addresses everyone in the discussion using @discussion

For all other messages, agents participating in the discussion will receive an email digest only if they haven't already read those messages.

Desktop Notifications

Agents can also enable desktop notifications to get notified of new messages. To enable desktop notifications in Chrome, go to Settings->Advanced->Content Settings->Notifications, and select Allow Notifications for Freshconnect.