To start a discussion on a ticket:

  1. Open the ticket on which you need to collaborate.

  2. At the bottom left in the ticket window, you'll see the Freshconnect widget.

  3. Hover over the widget icon, and it will show you three options - 'Notifications', 'Discuss this ticket', and 'Team Messaging'. Click on 'Discuss this ticket'.

  4. A chat window will open. Here, you can invite other agents to a discussion on the ticket. Just @mention their name and as you type, you will see a prompt with a list of people. Select the relevant person from the list, type your message, and hit 'Send' to start the discussion.

  5. You can also invite people outside your helpdesk (non-agent teammates) or people from outside your organization to a discussion. Learn how to invite external collaborators to a discussion.
    Note: Discussions associated with a ticket are stored alongside the ticket and can be referred to at any point, inside Freshdesk, by any agent who has access to the ticket, as well as collaborators on that ticket. If you’re not a part of a discussion, you won’t be able to view the discussion in your Freshconnect web app.