For some tickets, support agents might have to consult representatives from other internal or external teams to give the customer an update. Freshconnect makes it easier for the agent to invite all agents or parties needed to a discussion in the help desk so they can quickly collaborate to solve the issue. This brings down the time spent waiting for responses from multiple agents or in a group, and helps avoid delayed responses. 

So Freshconnect makes collaboration easier, faster, and more productive, and cheers the support agents up, one collaboration at a time!

Say, you want to make this holiday season a little bit more special and give a nice customer some goodies. To make this happen, you need to talk to Jim from Marketing (ideas) and Tara from Admin to take care of the logistics. But Marketing is on Slack and Tara, the Santa to your elf, needs you to send her an email for official records. Your manager kinda needs to be in on this too else it comes out of your paycheque so you explain everything over Hangouts.

With Freshconnect, instead of switching between three different tools, you can start a discussion on a ticket and tag your manager, Jim from marketing and Tara from Admin. 

Freshconnect removes the need for separate chat tools or in-person conversations, and brings all the conversation on a customer issue right next to where the context is - the support ticket. We are serving a fresh new way to collaborate, come have a try!

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