1. What is the difference between Team Huddle and Freshconnect?

Team Huddle worked great for support agent collaboration but agents could collaborate only with people already on Freshdesk. 

With Freshconnect, customer support agents can collaborate with anyone within or outside their organization, even if they are not on Freshdesk. This includes people from other teams within your organization, as well as third-party partners.

What’s more, support agents in Freshdesk can seamlessly collaborate with Freshsales users within that organization. If you’re both an agent in Freshdesk and a user in Freshsales, you can view and keep track of all your ongoing discussions in one centralized window.

2. Does Freshconnect support all features that are there in Team Huddle today?

In the first phase of the Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration, we focused on enabling collaborations across a larger segment of people - the ability to invite more collaborators per ticket, the ability to invite collaborators from external partner organisations, and cross-product collaborations such as between Freshdesk Agents and Freshsales Users. 

Most recently, we have released the ‘Annotations’ feature - discussion participants can annotate parts of a ticket and quote them in discussions.

In the next phase of development, we will focus on enabling users invite groups of agents to collaborate

3. Will I lose any data when my account is migrated to Freshconnect?

Any conversations or chat history that you have in Team Huddle will be migrated to Freshconnect automatically. This will however, not include any highlights or annotations that you may have made on tickets. Rest assured, you will not lose any data in the process.

4. Why don't I have Freshconnect yet?
Freshconnect can be enabled for your Freshdesk account only if:

  1. You are using the new Freshdesk Mint version, and

  2. FreshID is enabled for your Freshdesk account 

If your Freshdesk account doesn’t meet either of these requirements, please contact support@freshconnect.io

5. Is Freshconnect GDPR compliant?
If agents are deleted from Freshdesk, all of their account details and related data will be erased from Freshdesk servers as per GDPR compliance requirements. While we take every effort to delete all agent details from Freshconnect as well, some data may still continue to exist. Please contact support@freshconnect.io in case of any discrepancies and we will resolve them as soon as possible.

6. How much does Freshconnect cost?
Freshconnect is currently available at no additional cost for all trial and paid users of Freshdesk, and for trial and paid users (above Sprout) of Freshsales.

You can add up to 100 collaborators, internal or external at no additional cost. If you wish to have more than 100 collaborators, please contact support@freshconnect.io

7. How will Freshworks 360 and Freshconnect improve team collaboration for my organization?
With Freshworks 360, Freshconnect will enable users of one Freshworks product to collaborate with users of any other Freshworks product within their organization. This means that a support agent in Freshdesk will be able to collaborate with a User in Freshsales, an Agent in Freshcaller and so on.

This means that as long as you use either Freshdesk or Freshsales, no matter which other product you use in the Freshworks family, you will be able to converse with members from other teams, gain context about customers from other products and provide a better experience when supporting customers.