Tagging Freshdesk Groups

Scenario: A customer writes in about an incorrect bill, and you want to tag the Billing team in your organization since you don't know specifically whom to reach out to in that team.

With Freshconnect, all you need to do to tag a specific group is open the ticket discussion and @mention that group by its name.

Note: Freshdesk groups can only be tagged on tickets, and not on deals in Freshsales.

How do notifications work for group mentions?

  • When you tag a group, all the members in that group receive a notification. 
  • Whenever any of the members respond to the discussion, they get added to the discussion and receive notifications for all updates going forward.
  • Only the members that respond will continue to get notifications about the discussion. All the other group members will need to participate in the discussion to receive notifications.

Note: If you are a part of a tagged group but haven't responded to the discussion, you won't be able to see the group discussion in your Freshconnect web or mobile app.