App Features

Integrating Freshconnect into your Slack workspace enables you to stay on top of the discussions happening on tickets in your Freshdesk help desk or on deals in your Freshsales CRM!

With this app, you can receive real-time updates on all the ticket and deal discussions you’re a part of, as a DM right within Slack. Once you install the app, you will receive notifications every time someone:

  • @mentions you in a discussion
  • sends a direct reply to your message (using the reply feature)
  • tags all the discussion participants using @discussion

How to install the app:

  • Login to your Freshconnect account. Here's the link.
  • Go to the Settings widget in your Freshconnect web app.
  • Here, you'll see a section Get Notified in Slack. Within that, click on Add to Slack.
  • Next, select the Slack channel you'd want to receive the notifications in, and click on Allow. (Note: You would have to first create the channel in Slack for it to appear in the dropdown list on this page.)
  • Once successfully integrated, the status would appear as Active.

How to disable the app:

  • To discontinue receiving messages in Slack go to the Get Notified in Slack section in Settings and click on Remove from Slack.