Just like not all team meetings are equally relevant to you, not all notifications in Freshconnect might be worth taking your attention away from the work that matters to you. That's why, with just a quick tweak of your Freshconnect settings, you can customize email notifications and turn down the volume of notifications you get.

Here's a quick primer on how to tweak your email notification preferences.

How to adjust email notifications

Step 1: In your Freshconnect web app, click on Settings in the left navigation bar.

Step 2: You will notice that the toggle button next to Email Notifications is turned on. This is the default setting. 

When the email notifications are on, you will receive an email whenever someone

    • replies to your message directly

    • @mentions you in a discussion

    • addresses everyone in the discussion using @discussion

Step 3: Turn the toggle button off. You will receive a popup notification asking you to confirm if you want to switch email notifications off. Click on Turn Off to confirm disabling notifications.

Note: To ensure that you're in the know while you focus on your work as well, we suggest you install the Freshconnect mobile app. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Step 4: Email notifications will now be turned off for you and you will not receive emails for any of the scenarios mentioned in Step 2.

Note: Freshconnect admins will still receive emails whenever a new collaborator (non-agent teammate or third-party collaborator) is added to the account.