Any inconsistencies you may notice between Reports and Analytics result from updated metric formulas in Analytics for better accuracy.

Analytic's revamped interface makes your experience simpler with quicker navigation with a lesser number of clicks & transitions , collaboration, and feature discoverability. You can 

  • Build reports faster - Create new reports and widgets in a single pane in under 5 clicks.

  • Slice & dice with ease - Drill down or view underlying data right from the reports page.

  • Collaborate seamlessly - Export or schedule a widget directly with a single click.

  • Navigate effortlessly - Navigate instantly between reports and get contextual information.

Learn more about the 
Basics of Analytics through our webinar with insights on curated reports, creating custom reports for your helpdesk, learning to apply filters on reports, and much more.

You can also refer to our Analytics guide for various use cases to implement in your helpdesk.