Automation rules in Freshdesk are constantly on the lookout for new tickets and updates made to your tickets in your helpdesk. Based on the specified events that occur, you can use them to automate complex workflows, modify statuses, change priorities, send out notification alerts, and so on. 

If you believe that your automations are not updating valid tickets or affecting unrelated tickets, here are a series of checks to help you troubleshoot the issue at hand.

1. Check the 'Show Activities' section of the affected tickets.

2. Check the order of execution for automation rules.

3. Check for modifications in automation rules.

4. Check for invalid ticket properties.

5. Contact Freshdesk support for further help and clarifications.


1.   Check the 'Show Activities' section of the affected tickets.

Navigate to the Tickets tab and select the ticket. Click on the Show Activities button on the top right corner of the ticket details to display the sequence of events on the tickets.

How to navigate to Show Activities section in Tickets.


Check if the system has executed the desired automation rule. If not, check for any anomalies that potentially indicate the automation failure like,

  1. automation rule misfires, 

  2. simultaneous updates by different rules, 

  3. missing events or notifications or data updates, 

  4. or sandbox account settings where agents assume the role of requestors for testing automations.

2.   Check the order of execution for automation rules.

The order of the rule in your list of automations determines when your rules will trigger. Make sure you organize your rules properly - automations with specific conditions are higher on the list, and those with more generic rules are towards the bottom. 

It is also essential to avoid conflicts between automation rules that modify the action performed by another rule. 

Deciding the rule execution type in Freshdesk Automations.

3.    Check for modifications in automation rules.

A recent modification to the automation rule may also be the cause for impacting unintended tickets. 

  1. To check for modifications, please navigate to the automation rule under the Ticket Updates section and refer to the Last Modified and By sections.

  2. Click on the name under the By section, which will display details of the changes.

    • Who made the changes, 

    • When was the change performed, 

    • What was the nature of the change - delete or update?

    • What exactly was changed?

    • Click the view changes link to look at the exact condition or event modified.

4.    Check for invalid ticket properties.

Your automation rule may refer to a custom ticket/contact/company property that is no longer valid. For example, when you delete a custom ticket property, 'XYZ,' referred to in one of your automation rule conditions, it makes the rule invalid.

Rewrite the rule by removing the invalid property condition and monitor the automation behavior for further issues.

5.    Contact Freshdesk support for further help and clarifications.

Please reach out to if the problem persists, and our support specialist will assist you in resolving the issue.