Are you a Slack power user?

Good news! The Freshconnect-Slack integration enables you to receive notifications on your Freshconnect discussions, right within a Slack channel of your choice. 

Note: You will receive notifications for the following messages:

  • @mentions - Whenever someone @mentions you in a discussion
  • replies - Whenever someone directly replies to your message (using the reply feature)
  • @discussion - Whenever someone tags all the discussion participants using @discussion

How to set it up

  • Go to the Settings widget in your Freshconnect web app.
  • Here, you'll see a section Get Notified in Slack. Within that, click on Add to Slack.

  • Next, select the Slack channel you'd want to receive the notifications in, and click on Allow. (Note: You would have to first create the channel in Slack for it to appear in the dropdown list on this page.)

  • Once successfully integrated, the status would appear as Active.

How to disable the integration

  • To discontinue receiving messages in Slack go to the Get Notified in Slack section in Settings and click on Remove from Slack.